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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Technical Definition

The technical definition (TD) was a bit more challenging than the service learning project. The challenges faced with the TD were getting everyone to understand their task. Even though we all worked on the same word, we each had to write on it in a different way. In my opinion the book didn’t give a clear definition that I fully understood. In order for me to do my portion of the definition which was the operating principal, it took for me to a little more research online, and then I had to apply what I then understood about brand loyalty and create my section of the definition. I ended up trying to explain how brand loyalty operates. 
The communication of our group took place mostly in the class. If there were misunderstandings about things or issues that were unclear, these problems were addressed and fixed in our class meeting times. There weren’t any strengths of weakness of our group. One strength that I will point out is the willingness to come together to complete the task at hand.  Something that I will always incorporate into group assignments are assigning a leader and having a contract. Without these things, the task at hand will either go on being incomplete and someone will always be stuck holding the barrel. The main concepts that I will use is choosing group members wisely, especially if you have the option to do so.

Most Valuable Service

The most valuable service that can be offered to the Abilities First organization is time and supplies. Time can consist of not only being there, but offering a helping hand. A lot of the students of the Abilities First come to the class not only for the art work, but for the company. Some of the adults of the class spend plenty of time alone, and sometimes all they need is someone to listen and to talk to. They need someone to laugh with or someone to make them laugh.
It is the little things such as these that can sometimes be missed or overlooked by the people who they may come into contact with. Some of the people of the Abilities First organization live in homes, and being someone who also works  in  a nursing home, I have seen firsthand the high demand of Clients and Residents, just wanting someone to show them that care. Offering the Abilities First organization supplies and donations can also help. The whole process of doing ceramics can become very costly. Assisting Abilities First with supplies can definitely aide in the cost.

Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project (SLP) is a term that I had not heard of until recently having to do such an assignment. My understanding of what SLP is to provide a service to someone or an organization such as the non-profit that we provided service for; free of charge and to use the task that we have at hand and learn from it. This assignment in my opinion did exactly that.
 I learned several things while doing this assignment but the biggest thing that I learned is the true meaning of team work.  I did not expect to learn as much as I have learned as far as creating a proposal, having different examples of what is going to done to present to the person receiving our service.  The only problem that I was worried about was having to rely on other people to complete my assignment. Luckily, I was placed into a pretty good group.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do's and Dont's of Professionalism In the workplace and Social Networking

1)Be a team player, and communicate with your co-workers. This allows everybody to have different views about subjects, and allow them to be able to express their opinion about how they may feel about the topic. Being a team player about certain subject allows what needs to be done, to get done because when you work as a team you have to set you differences aside and focus on accomplishing the task at hand.

2) Behave like a professional. When you act unprofessionally and  show unappreciation for your job, this can sometimes lead to a demotion or even a job termination. How a person may dress and their overall appearance speaks volumes to the appreciation that you may have for you job and you co-workers. So don't give others and your boss the wrong understanding of how you feel about your job by showing lack of care and consideration by displaying negative behavior and appearances.

1) Don't seclude yourself. Make your self open and get involve with conversation's with your co-workers, more importantly your boss. Don't make yourself an outsider. Show people that you are their and allow your  voice to be heard

2)Don't get into personal relationships. When entering into personal relationships that may have derived or started at work, it hardly ever end off well. Relationship in the workplace often involves other co-workers, and allows the people within your workplace to have insight on what going in your personal relationships, which in turn makes the relationship go bad. When having a bad relationship with someone and then having to work with that person; this allows room for anger, frustration, and discouragement. Sometimes even to the point where one person can not take the tension and has to quit the job due to their own self faults.

Professionalism at work

10 things you should never do in a workplace

Online Identity

My linkedin account

My Visual CV
Anyone can access this VisualCV on the web at:

The website I recieved my information from:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Online Reputation and Profile

Developing an online identity is very important. Mainly everyone in today's society has access to the Internet and if you are user of all the very many website and social networking web pages that are available, it is more than likely that a person has created an online identity without realizing the importance of it. Having an identity online tells who you are better than a resume, a talk over the phone or any form of communication other than face to face. If you really want to know someone it possible to know about them and their lifestyle if  they use the Internet. Through social networking websites like Facebook and my space, it allows a person to tell about their lives, what kind of company a person may keep, things they like to do and not do. Myspace and Facebook is a personal website, a place for meeting people and to see what going on in other people lives. But what many people have to be aware of is that whatever it is that a person puts online, is there forever. I went on the social networking web page Twitter. Twitter in my opinion was fun because you can follow anyone who is on twitter, a celebrity, another friend or anyone. The main point of Twitter was that people post their thoughts or what they are doing. People can follow and see a person comments or what they're posting and respond back even without the person knowing that they are being followed. In my opinion I find it kind of creepy; someone who I don't even know can follow me and see my thoughts without my knowledge or if I want to post my whereabouts and what I'm doing, Anyone can see. Twitter like every other social networking page, have privacy settings. When I explored the Linkedin.com web page I somehow got kicked off. Among trying to register it asked questions like what is my occupation, my email address, and my job title, it was employment based. A guy had posted a comment asking questions regarding what seemed like homework question for a business class and someone responded to him that Linkedin was a web page to social network with employers not to do homework. I thought that comment was funny! Definitely, when I decide to start searching for a job and trying to network in the business world Linkedin will be one of the first social networking web pages I will seek to be apart of. Until  then I have to follow the do's and dont's of social networking. If its something that I will be embarrassed about, ashamed of and that isn't considered what I feel is appropriate for my grandmother to see and know about me, than It probably doesn't belong on the Internet.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Extra Credit: Career Assesment

I did the career assessment through the Myer-Briggs and it confirmed what I had already wanted to do and what I didn't want to do. It also help me realize some of my strengths and weaknesses. Like, it identify that I am strong willed individual who is some what lackey in the communication portion but I'm strong in staying on task, I like things orderly and I am adjustable at change. All of these thing in my opinion will help me on my future job search. Doing the career assessment showed me what I need to improve on before entering the workforce and narrowed down my three career matches. Two of them were involving health-care, and one was law. That was funny to me because I have never considered my self much of an argumentative person. The thing that I liked most was that it stated that I was strong in my opinion about things, even if it hurts or effects another person in the wrong way. That hit my personality right on the nose.I find my self being very opinionated and I often have to step back and tell my self to keep my thoughts to my self.
Overall, my experience with the career assessment was very good, and I think that this is something that everyone should invest time into just to see, if they are were they think that they are.

Five questions that emplyers may ask on a job interview?

Q1. Why should we hire you over our other candidates?
In order to answer this question a candidate should pour out all of their qualifications, but be sure to be 100% sure of the job position that you are applying for and relate the job experience that you may have to the job. Don't over embellish and be honest. As a candidate your not sure what they are looking for in employee so answer this question to the best or you ability.

Q2. Why are you or did you leave your last employer?
To answer this question if you were laid-off due to cut backs or no fault of your own say so, but if you were fired due to employee/employer differences, make a statement such as, " we agreed to disagree". Don't indicate that there were problems with previous employer due to personal conflict. The person conducting the interview may be looking for flaws or conflict that may have arised from your previous employer. If you were trouble for previous employer this may indicate you may be a problem for them. So answer this question very briefly, and refer to the references that you may have submitted.

Q3.In you current or last position, what did you like most and least about your last job?
State facts and always speak positive. Don't point out the negative and what you didn't like. Make a simple statement that will say there were things you didn't like but that comes with the job. Your not going to like everything about a job. Even if you do choose to give and example make sure that it in a way that wont make the employer reconsider putting you into the position. Be positive, courteous and respectful of your previous employer and you potential employer.

Q4. What benefits do you expect to earn from this job position?
Open to new experiences and willing to learn, but to bring something to the new job that the company will benefit from you as an employee. When speaking to a potential employer you have to keep in mind that they're watching everything, your body language, tone of voice, rather your comfortable or fidgety (nervous); these things speak volumes and most of all it tells about your personality.

Q5.What word would you use to describe yourself?
This questions is very important because it tells your employer how much you may value yourself. Depending on what word you may use, can tell a lot about your education level, confidence that you have within yourself, the use of vocabulary, and the strengths and abilities that you may have. Most of all its show your employer what kind of person you think that you are.

Check Mate Resume
This website has a wide range of questions all the way from the start of the interview until the end of the interview.

I really liked this website because it you every question that may pertain to the job that you are applying for to personal question that are relevant to how your job performance may be based on what you say.

Focus Magazine
This website gave questions and answer to difficult interview questions that employers may ask. The document itself is kind of old but I feel that it gave some really feedback as how to answer questions that employers may ask.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Principals of my life.

Reading over the the seven habits of  highly effective people gave me confirmation as to rules and regulations of how I currently live my life. The number one principal that I live by is, "do unto other as you would want done unto you." People don't always do as they should or make the right or best decisions, this in my opinion is apart of life. Being a adult and becoming older teaches us. Along my journey I have learned when addressing difficult situations I can not act instantly. When someone upset me, I take a deep breath and tell myself not to allow the person to ruin my mood, It  takes more energy to frown than to smile. I know to step back and evaluate what is happening, why it's happening and what can I do to make it better. Acting instinctively about things can cause trouble and because human nature tells people to act without thinking; this is a huge reason for so much conflict in the world today. When I step back, evaluate, think about why the scenario happened, this can calm me and keep me from getting upset. It is hard to do, but with patience and practice it can be achieved and make me a happier person. If I'm having a bad day, and I happen to snap at someone, I would hope that they wouldn't curse at me or act angry at me. I hope that they would try to understand, which is why I try to understand others when things happen.
Another principal that is very important to me, that I just recently figured out is "O well". As stated in the reading above, I cannot worry, control, or fix things that isn't my problem, or that is out of my control. I am the type of person who always wants to help, or try to make it better for someone else if I able to, even if I have to bend over backwards to do so. Experience/life lesson has taught me that this is a No-No. When I do go out of my way to help others, a lot of time it backfires, because what I can and will do for someone else, that person wont do it for themselves. I have to put my time and energy into things and people who are striving for success. I can help them but with only so much effort. Meaning I cant make it happen for them. I know that anything in life is achievable and it's all about how much effort and time, I'm willing to put in to achieve my goal.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Bio

Hi, I am 23 years old and a student at Davenport University. I am studying for a Bachelors degree of Health Services Administration. With this degree I plan on obtaining a managerial position of a Respiratory Therapy unit. I am scheduled to attend  the Respiratory Therapy program in the fall of 2012 at Mott Community College.
The first steps to my road to success starts with learning everything I can while in my BA program. Pursuing a program such as the one I have chosen requires experience. Most job positions in Health Services Administration require 2-3 years of experience to apply for  a job in this title. Seeming as how I am not currently working in an Administration position, I have to work very hard in school.  My overall satisfaction for myself is that I come out on top. Being Average has been OK for me in the past. Now that I'm going further into my career, average is no longer suitable. It never should have been, but this is all apart of my learning process. I have learned that I have to set expectations for myself, because if I don't, who will?
I have a lot to prove. I have to be a example of how success is within yourself and  the effort that I put in into school will influence my outcomes. I am now striving to be the best that I can, Not excellent and, not #1. I am going to accomplish everything that I set I to do, and hopefully my accomplishments will be good enough for my future employer. I plan on learning a lot in this class and at this school. I hope that my instructors are going to be very supportive of me along my journey and I hope that upon my departure, my instructors can give my a great letter of recommendation.