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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do's and Dont's of Professionalism In the workplace and Social Networking

1)Be a team player, and communicate with your co-workers. This allows everybody to have different views about subjects, and allow them to be able to express their opinion about how they may feel about the topic. Being a team player about certain subject allows what needs to be done, to get done because when you work as a team you have to set you differences aside and focus on accomplishing the task at hand.

2) Behave like a professional. When you act unprofessionally and  show unappreciation for your job, this can sometimes lead to a demotion or even a job termination. How a person may dress and their overall appearance speaks volumes to the appreciation that you may have for you job and you co-workers. So don't give others and your boss the wrong understanding of how you feel about your job by showing lack of care and consideration by displaying negative behavior and appearances.

1) Don't seclude yourself. Make your self open and get involve with conversation's with your co-workers, more importantly your boss. Don't make yourself an outsider. Show people that you are their and allow your  voice to be heard

2)Don't get into personal relationships. When entering into personal relationships that may have derived or started at work, it hardly ever end off well. Relationship in the workplace often involves other co-workers, and allows the people within your workplace to have insight on what going in your personal relationships, which in turn makes the relationship go bad. When having a bad relationship with someone and then having to work with that person; this allows room for anger, frustration, and discouragement. Sometimes even to the point where one person can not take the tension and has to quit the job due to their own self faults.

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