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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Five questions that emplyers may ask on a job interview?

Q1. Why should we hire you over our other candidates?
In order to answer this question a candidate should pour out all of their qualifications, but be sure to be 100% sure of the job position that you are applying for and relate the job experience that you may have to the job. Don't over embellish and be honest. As a candidate your not sure what they are looking for in employee so answer this question to the best or you ability.

Q2. Why are you or did you leave your last employer?
To answer this question if you were laid-off due to cut backs or no fault of your own say so, but if you were fired due to employee/employer differences, make a statement such as, " we agreed to disagree". Don't indicate that there were problems with previous employer due to personal conflict. The person conducting the interview may be looking for flaws or conflict that may have arised from your previous employer. If you were trouble for previous employer this may indicate you may be a problem for them. So answer this question very briefly, and refer to the references that you may have submitted.

Q3.In you current or last position, what did you like most and least about your last job?
State facts and always speak positive. Don't point out the negative and what you didn't like. Make a simple statement that will say there were things you didn't like but that comes with the job. Your not going to like everything about a job. Even if you do choose to give and example make sure that it in a way that wont make the employer reconsider putting you into the position. Be positive, courteous and respectful of your previous employer and you potential employer.

Q4. What benefits do you expect to earn from this job position?
Open to new experiences and willing to learn, but to bring something to the new job that the company will benefit from you as an employee. When speaking to a potential employer you have to keep in mind that they're watching everything, your body language, tone of voice, rather your comfortable or fidgety (nervous); these things speak volumes and most of all it tells about your personality.

Q5.What word would you use to describe yourself?
This questions is very important because it tells your employer how much you may value yourself. Depending on what word you may use, can tell a lot about your education level, confidence that you have within yourself, the use of vocabulary, and the strengths and abilities that you may have. Most of all its show your employer what kind of person you think that you are.

Check Mate Resume
This website has a wide range of questions all the way from the start of the interview until the end of the interview.

I really liked this website because it you every question that may pertain to the job that you are applying for to personal question that are relevant to how your job performance may be based on what you say.

Focus Magazine
This website gave questions and answer to difficult interview questions that employers may ask. The document itself is kind of old but I feel that it gave some really feedback as how to answer questions that employers may ask.

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