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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Most Valuable Service

The most valuable service that can be offered to the Abilities First organization is time and supplies. Time can consist of not only being there, but offering a helping hand. A lot of the students of the Abilities First come to the class not only for the art work, but for the company. Some of the adults of the class spend plenty of time alone, and sometimes all they need is someone to listen and to talk to. They need someone to laugh with or someone to make them laugh.
It is the little things such as these that can sometimes be missed or overlooked by the people who they may come into contact with. Some of the people of the Abilities First organization live in homes, and being someone who also works  in  a nursing home, I have seen firsthand the high demand of Clients and Residents, just wanting someone to show them that care. Offering the Abilities First organization supplies and donations can also help. The whole process of doing ceramics can become very costly. Assisting Abilities First with supplies can definitely aide in the cost.

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