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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Technical Definition

The technical definition (TD) was a bit more challenging than the service learning project. The challenges faced with the TD were getting everyone to understand their task. Even though we all worked on the same word, we each had to write on it in a different way. In my opinion the book didn’t give a clear definition that I fully understood. In order for me to do my portion of the definition which was the operating principal, it took for me to a little more research online, and then I had to apply what I then understood about brand loyalty and create my section of the definition. I ended up trying to explain how brand loyalty operates. 
The communication of our group took place mostly in the class. If there were misunderstandings about things or issues that were unclear, these problems were addressed and fixed in our class meeting times. There weren’t any strengths of weakness of our group. One strength that I will point out is the willingness to come together to complete the task at hand.  Something that I will always incorporate into group assignments are assigning a leader and having a contract. Without these things, the task at hand will either go on being incomplete and someone will always be stuck holding the barrel. The main concepts that I will use is choosing group members wisely, especially if you have the option to do so.

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