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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Extra Credit: Career Assesment

I did the career assessment through the Myer-Briggs and it confirmed what I had already wanted to do and what I didn't want to do. It also help me realize some of my strengths and weaknesses. Like, it identify that I am strong willed individual who is some what lackey in the communication portion but I'm strong in staying on task, I like things orderly and I am adjustable at change. All of these thing in my opinion will help me on my future job search. Doing the career assessment showed me what I need to improve on before entering the workforce and narrowed down my three career matches. Two of them were involving health-care, and one was law. That was funny to me because I have never considered my self much of an argumentative person. The thing that I liked most was that it stated that I was strong in my opinion about things, even if it hurts or effects another person in the wrong way. That hit my personality right on the nose.I find my self being very opinionated and I often have to step back and tell my self to keep my thoughts to my self.
Overall, my experience with the career assessment was very good, and I think that this is something that everyone should invest time into just to see, if they are were they think that they are.

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