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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Online Reputation and Profile

Developing an online identity is very important. Mainly everyone in today's society has access to the Internet and if you are user of all the very many website and social networking web pages that are available, it is more than likely that a person has created an online identity without realizing the importance of it. Having an identity online tells who you are better than a resume, a talk over the phone or any form of communication other than face to face. If you really want to know someone it possible to know about them and their lifestyle if  they use the Internet. Through social networking websites like Facebook and my space, it allows a person to tell about their lives, what kind of company a person may keep, things they like to do and not do. Myspace and Facebook is a personal website, a place for meeting people and to see what going on in other people lives. But what many people have to be aware of is that whatever it is that a person puts online, is there forever. I went on the social networking web page Twitter. Twitter in my opinion was fun because you can follow anyone who is on twitter, a celebrity, another friend or anyone. The main point of Twitter was that people post their thoughts or what they are doing. People can follow and see a person comments or what they're posting and respond back even without the person knowing that they are being followed. In my opinion I find it kind of creepy; someone who I don't even know can follow me and see my thoughts without my knowledge or if I want to post my whereabouts and what I'm doing, Anyone can see. Twitter like every other social networking page, have privacy settings. When I explored the Linkedin.com web page I somehow got kicked off. Among trying to register it asked questions like what is my occupation, my email address, and my job title, it was employment based. A guy had posted a comment asking questions regarding what seemed like homework question for a business class and someone responded to him that Linkedin was a web page to social network with employers not to do homework. I thought that comment was funny! Definitely, when I decide to start searching for a job and trying to network in the business world Linkedin will be one of the first social networking web pages I will seek to be apart of. Until  then I have to follow the do's and dont's of social networking. If its something that I will be embarrassed about, ashamed of and that isn't considered what I feel is appropriate for my grandmother to see and know about me, than It probably doesn't belong on the Internet.

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